Broken Vessel: From Prison to Purpose

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About the Book

In this incredible true story, authors Dick and Donna Walls write the life-changing experiences they encountered that took them to their purpose.

He was convicted for a crime he did not commit, his lifelong career was destroyed, and he was sent to a prison 2,200 miles away from home.

She lay in a hospital, clinging to life with only 50 percent survival.

These unimaginable, painful incidents, broken hearts, financial ruin, and imprisonment brought them to Broken Vessel Ministries, a special ministry to the brokenhearted who need healing and a new reassurance that God does care.

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About the Authors

Dick was very successful in the insurance industry. For over thirty-five years he had won several awards for outstanding production.

After he was wrongly incarcerated, he and his wife, Donna, were active in sharing their story.

In 2012 Donna passed away. Dick has since remarried. His new wife, Beth, has picked up the mantle Donna had laid down. Beth has joined Dick in traveling the country sharing the story of God’s amazing grace and healing.

Dick and Beth are impacting the lives and ministries of churches all across America. To learn more, visit their ministry website at

Reader's Testimonials


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ON FEBRUARY 20, 2003, after my conviction the previous June and losing my appeal, my identity and possessions were taken from me when I surrendered to authorities. I was strip-searched and issued prison clothing: two pairs of boxers, two pairs of socks, a pair of shower shoes, and a pair of very cheap sneakers. After fingerprints and mug shots, I was no longer successful businessman and respected community and church leader Richard Walls. I was now Prisoner 54335, convicted of selling securities without a licenseRead More

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